Thursday, July 02, 2020
Planning Your Decorations

What’s Trending in Wedding Décor?

By Angela Karn

In recent years, backyard and barn weddings have spiked in popularity.  With more and more brides opting to marry in the great outdoors, mainstream wedding décor has shifted in that direction as well.

There are many ways in which a couple can transform their venue to reflect their personalities.

Choosing a Florist

Knowing flowers is one thing, but knowing how to put them together for the best artistic outcome is another. You will want to choose a florist who has a creative eye and touch, putting the right types of blooms together along with the right colors. This type of creativity will allow the florist to present gorgeous arrangements for centerpieces as well as for decorating the church, leaving your guests in awe.
Planning Resources

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Planning Your Decor
Wedding Trends, Ontario, Peterborough

Choosing Your Florist
Wedding Trends, Ontario, Peterborough
Wedding Trends, Ontario, Peterborough